January 2013
I have always wanted a dog as I had in my childhood but lifestyle was I worked a lot and overall knew that having a dog required attention that at the time was not fair to a dog. With this is mind a goal was set, I worked hard to save money then eventually purchased a home where I could have a pooch companion with a bonus opportunity to work from home. Next step was looking at fostering a rescue to see if I was ready myself, to bring a dog into my lifestyle. Contacted a few rescues and in a few months was accepted to be a foster mom with a breed specific rescue. Within a few days they contacted me with my foster dog’s info; Liam was his name and his start was “speculation” but he was surrendered to the Calgary Humane Society around September 16 2011 – reason stated was the owner had too many dogs and no longer could care for Liam. Liam arrived with approximate age of 9mths and 27.9kg (61.5lbs). Liam had a list of neglected and untreated concerns when surrendered such as multiple bite wounds/scars on skin, shy to hands/sudden movements, left canine tooth worn, worms, kennel cough, under weight, ear infection, eye infection, timid tendencies and “intact male.” A representative contacted me with the good news that I will have him as a foster shortly (girl like “eeeeee” and happy dance) – volunteers assisted me with aspects to prep since he going from humane society right to my care right after his operation to detach the dangly parts. October 27th 2011 – he arrives with enthusiasm, a whip of a tail wag, and a tongue lashing love session and within 2 days he won my heart and I wanted to give him my home to call his own. Applied for the foster to adopt program which allowed me to foster for a month to assure adoption was in the best care for Liam and myself – so as a foster failure, Liam was home sweet home forever from that day forth. Liam’s wasn’t out of the wood work since he had a very unique challenge – I have ferrets and oh yes the ferrets with their first introduction he had interest, curiosity and oh my can I taste them? As he had no interaction with such a species before, so with supervision and patience I brought one out each day to smell and understand this was a family member and part of our lil pack. Within 2 months of his arrival and the ferrets being indifferent of the gentle giant, they all accepted the unique arrangement of a fur family of diversity. At present Liam interacts with my ferrets are always under supervision being he is a large dog with puppy paws in play, plus my one ferret Kola can be persistent with playing bucking bronco from time to time which Liam is all snorts and grunts of letting Kola know she over stepped his personal space. Liam has his own treadmill that he absolutely jumps on for the full canters, jogs and mild mannered walks to simmer his zoomies where the ferrets and him can play with mild mannered dog over the spring loaded giant. Liam awaits to eat his dinner and even more impressive is considerate of Kaeya and Kola when they are around since they always thief a morsel but he sits with patience with drool gobs dropping from his moosh til he is able to hoover his remaining dinner without ninja ferrets. Treats are also shared without dispute and “ladies first” being Liam’s gentleman trait. Liam went through an 8 week Canine Good Neighbor course and the trainer stated she was impressed by his quick learning ability even set the challenges harder so he did not get bored and stated I should do the CGN test for a certification (this is still pending). Although his smarts include ; stay (5min or more), lay down, go to bed, sit, shake a paw, high 5, sit pretty, stand, kisses, walk on leash with manners, get your toy, heal, leave it and truth he is food motivated which means he will do almost anything for a tasty morsel. He has many furry companions that range in size/breed/species – Buddy is his lil buddy – a Chihuahua, Louie is a half blind pug, Dakota a boxer pup, Chanda a 10 yr old Boxer, Saydee and Chesapeake mix, and a cat named Bailey. Yes, Liam he has ran into a few less desires companions like puppies due to their unstable, obnoxious energy level but socializing him to build his confidence at a pace to assure he does not have a bad experience to regress his progress. Liam is a dog, he is not a breed nor do we see him for what others seem to categorize him as – he has changed many of my friends, family, strangers and many are amazed how smart, loyal, jester like character, big suck, his gentle giant ways with the ferrets and oblivious nature to his strength. He is one with our family and oh yes he is my constant test to patience, forgiveness and understanding but I would not have it any other way as he and I learn together to train each other to rehabilitate his past. Liam as definition means: Strong-willed Warrior, unwavering protector, persistent guardian and he is attached at my hip so he lives up to his name even though he is afraid of his own reflection. Overall Liam is an amazing dog and always adding humor, laughter, excitement, smiles, cuddles, kisses, companionship, and an ambassador to his breed but more so about showing he is just a dog. This dog named Liam only knows he is a dog or AKA lap dog, not a breed or any other stereo typical judgments. He lives to smooch with loving licks, the vacuum of the kitchen with dropped morsels, snores of a rumble, a marathon mutt on the treadmill, foot warmer, leg numbing ability with his dedicated lap dog abilities, painfully happy tail wags (whip), and one of the most loyal, lovable dogs I have had or met in the past. Overall thankful there are rescues such as Underdogs that bring light to the strong/large dog breeds cause small or large these dogs need a voice to open the eyes of media induced fabrication and in time we can show the world these dogs are taught bad behaviors through humans in neglecting, abusing and not being a responsible parent with teaching manners to understanding what your dog needs to be a good dog. Pictures attached will describe his relationship with the ferrets being my words alone cannot describe his sweet nature of his gentle nature towards his lil fuzzy friends or their attachment to him. Ferrets are also a misunderstood species and like any domesticated pet – it takes the right experience to show everyone any pet no matter age/breed/species/color/size/handicap has every bit of love, loyalty and ability to be the best pet with the right love, dedication, training and of course family consistency to obtain everyone to be in the best care of their pet.



Trigger and Nala

December 2012
Hi everyone! This is Trigger (black and white) and Nala (brown). Trigger is a Pit Bull x Great Dane who was adopted after coming into a rescue as just a little pup with his mom. Nala who we believe is a pure Pit Bull was also rescued from an abandonment situation and they’re two of the most wonderful dogs in the world. Trigger works hard to win people over with his goofy grin and his old soul personality. Trigger brought a lot of good press to power breeds when he found an elderly man who had wandered off in the woods near town. Nala is a little love bug that would do anything to get snuggles or give some kisses. Both Nala and Trigger are getting ready to take their Canine Good Citizenship Test, and are already well known in the dog community as great ambassadors of power breeds. Nala and Trigger have inspired many people to become advocates of power breeds and to end BSL, or any kind of breed discrimination. Their loving personalities have been able to change the minds of even the most skeptical people and they both work very hard on a daily bases to show everyone that Pit Bulls and power breeds are truly amazing dogs and the best friends you’ll ever have.




November 2012
This is Dante, an 11 year old pit bull mix who was adopted from an spca at the age of six months after being surrendered for being tied up on a 3 foot thick chain for his 6 months of life. Since he’s been adopted, he’s been a foster parent for orphan and abandoned kittens, worked with seniors in the hospital, and goes to work with his human on a daily basis at a school with children from grades K-12. He teaches the children how to properly care for animals, how to treat them and teaches the bite free program at the school. Dante is a certified therapy dog, something we have worked hard on accomplishing. Contstant socialization and training. He shares his home with a 5 year old boy, two other dogs and three cats. He enjoys running beside horseback up in the mountains when he’s not with children. He is an inspiration!!