Foster homes can mean the difference between life and death for a small number of deserving dogs lucky enough to secure them. These generous families play an important role in Underdogs work with power breed dogs. By saving one dog we can help change peoples views on what these dogs can bring to a family!
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Common Questions About Fostering

Where Underdogs dogs come from?
Our dogs from from EVERYWHERE! Some we rescue from over crowded shelters in Canada, including Ontario with their BSL practices. Some are hours from being euthanized or terrified in the shelters stressful environment! We screen our dogs very carefully before placing them in foster homes, often living in the board members homes before placing them in a foster home. We look for stable personalities that match our own pets, dogs showing human aggression or extreme animal aggression are not accepted into the program. Underdogs looks for dogs that are affectionate, happy; showing the great traits of many power breeds!

How much time & effort is needed?
It totally depends! Puppies are generally more work, but adults often take longer to find new homes! Most dogs are in the program for a minimum of 2 weeks to 6 months in some cases. There are those cases that take a bit longer to find the right family, we work with the foster homes on an individual bases! It all depends on what you prefer! We are looking for foster parents that are patient, stable and realistic about what they can handle. Bringing a new dog into your home can take some time to adjust, remember you are saving a life and this doesn’t happen overnight!

I’m afraid of getting in over my head with a dog I can’t handle. Do I have to worry about this?
We are very careful placing foster dogs with the appropriate home in regards to experience. If you have never fostered we will more then likely match you with an older quiet dog, or a level A dog. One that needs very little training or behavioral work! We want this to be a rewarding experience so we try very hard to match properly. By fostering you will be increasing your own dog skills under the guidance of a group of people who know and love fostering these powerful dogs. If the match isn’t working we will offer assistance and or move the dog as soon as possible!

Can I foster if I have pets already?
Having pets in the home is a great asset to your fostering basics. As long as your dog is well socialized and friendly, we believe that your pets help with the rehabilitation and or adjustment period for foster dogs! Some families have dogs, cats, horses, even reptiles and birds! Please note that no foster dog is to be left alone or unmonitored with your pets at any time! We also ask that foster dogs do not go to any dog parks!

How will I ever let go once I get attached?
If you get really attached and if it turns out that your home is a perfect match, you do have the option of adopting your foster dog. Most are happy to see their fosters finally go ‘home’ though. There’s no greater joy than knowing you saved a life, then seeing that deserving dog finally get his or her very own person. You are an active part of this process as you are familiar with the dog, meeting new families is part of the foster process.

Do I have to have experience with dogs?
No – previous breed experience is not a requirement. If you can demonstrate that you’re willing to follow directions and learn new skills, we’ll match you with a starter dog and give you all the support and guidance you need to enjoy your adventure together.

What will be expected of me as a foster home?
Some rescued dogs have had zero training before they land in the shelters, so it’s usually up to the foster home to do the work of teaching good house manners to make them more adoptable. This is no small project and includes exercising, house training, socializing and enforcing basic obedience skills. By making the foster a part of your family during his time with you, you’ll help him transition seamlessly into his forever home once that perfect match is made. You’ll never be alone with this work however, and will have a team of people supporting you and working closely to help you along the way. We need to see weekly updates so we can monitor the progress of the dog, pictures are always nice too! Some dogs coming in are already well on their way to all the above things, its amazing how many fantastic dogs we get in the program needing little work! The fostering is then more about getting to know the dog and exposing it to different controlled situations.

Would I have to review adoption applications and do home visits, etc.?
Nope. You just focus on your foster dog’s needs, and your volunteers will handle all of the home checks, the president and vice president handle all the adoption applications. We’ll consult with you as we screen applications, however. After all, you’ll ultimately know the dog better than anybody, and your input will be important during the adoption match.You will also meet with the family that has been approved and do the introductions. If you are unsure about this we can have an experienced volunteer lend you a hand!

Is it possible to work full time outside the house and still foster?
Yes! Most of our adopters work full time, so your 9-5 routine will help prepare the dog for this lifestyle. If you do work long hours however, it’s important that you make sure you have enough time and energy to give the dog the attention and exercise it needs when you are home. We like all of our dogs to be kenneled trained when they are adopted so this is a chance to kennel your foster dog. It also keeps the foster dog, and your home safe!

Who pays for the dog’s care?
Underdogs will provide a crate, collar, leash, food and cover vet bills. Dog toys, blankets and beds are sometimes donated but we hope as a foster home you can provide these things if needed!

What if I need to leave town for business or vacation?
We have other homes that offer respite or temporary care to our dogs. We want our foster families to feel that we will support them when they do need a break or are going on vacation! This is one of the good parts about fostering, we look after that for you!

How do I get started?
Think your ready to foster? Please fill out the Foster Application. Need more info? You can email Natasha here.

Thank you!