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Hi friends. I'm Beau, but my foster parents call me many different names. Their favourite is Gremlin and very good boy. I guess being a puppy and adorable gets you these nicknames? As you can see, I have lots of beauty, and I also come with brains.  Unfortunately I have had humans severely abuse me when I was just a wee lad.  They poured a type of chemical all over my back and head causing severe burns and skin loss.  But please don't just look at my past when it comes to who I am now.  My fosters parents tell me how much better I already am since coming to them.  They tell me all the time that I'm feeling learning how to "dog" .  Basically, toys are super fun now and I'm learning it's okay to let loose because I'm finally safe.  My foster mom says we are working on the fundamentals so I have a foundation to be able to be a loving, fun, family member in my new home.  Beau has done better with dogs that are smaller than him in the past.  But we are still learning a lot about him, and he is able to really learn what he likes, what is safe and comfortable for him, etc.  We do know he cannot be in a home with cats, and we do not recommend young children as he is still learning bite inhibition when he gets puppy mouthy.  Beau is velvety smooth, very handsome, very food motivated and loves to snuggle.  Please be prepared to have a stalker for life if you apply for sweet, Beau.