• Gender: Female
  • Age: 4 years
  • Breed: Rottweiler
  • Energy Level: Medium
  • Location: Calgary
  • Details:
  • Be kind and brave, that’s all you ever need to be! Kaylee here, a kind lady told me this when they rescued me. I was living in a basement, alone, with water and sometimes food. I often had to relieve myself on the floor as I was only visited by my owner every once in a while. When the kind lady came for me, I was overwhelmed, shut down and terrified. We sat on the back step, the sun was bright and I couldn’t see at first. I laid on the step worried about every noise, but her kindness calmed me. She fed me little treats and told me everything would be ok. She was right! I am now queen of the couch, and bed and pretty much anything fluffy and comfy. Mornings mean cuddle time so don’t try to get out of bed until we have snuggled under the warm covers! I work hard to be kind, I’m a snuggler, stalker and needy girl who craves touch. Touch reassures me, makes me believe you will never leave. I am still learning about crate training, I cry sometimes until I fall asleep but I’m not destructive. My foster family noticed that my hips hurt, and I have trouble getting up and down sometimes. After some X-rays they found out I have hip dysplasia, no wonder I have always been so sore! It is currently being managed with pain meds (when I start getting sore), supplements and a diet of quality food (because I’m bootylicious) but I’m feeling better and better every day! This doesn’t stop me from the odd feel good zoomy, or climbing onto the bed though! I have a zest for this new life, but I won’t be running any marathons! I still get nervous in new areas, so walks are short and sweet. I have been to a vet clinic and although scared there was a lot of nice people and wonderful food! I can almost be bribed into everything! Dieting sucks. I do love to play in my yard with toys, I entertain myself well, great company my foster mom says! I am great with dogs big and small but need a lot of attention from my people, sharing with another dog makes me a little desperate! I have also lived with cats! Kids under 16 I may find a bit overwhelming, I need quiet and routine! I want a chill household, a homebody who doesn’t expect me to do too much wandering. Adventures are over rated, I’m no longer an adventurer! I’ve learned to appreciate a home, it’s where I feel safest! My rescue and foster family have given me a second chance, and I truly didn’t think I had too many chances left. As fate would have it, kindness, bravery and a dash of hope saved me!


Adopt Kaylee



    • Gender: Female
    • Age: 3 Years
    • Breed: Mastiff/bully cross
    • Energy Level: Medium
    • Location: Edmonton
    • Details:

I am a wall flower, I prefer to stay in the background and watch. It takes me time to warm up to people, animals and environments. I am smart and joyful but it takes time to get to know me. This is my protective mask, this mask covers distrust, and betrayal. It helps me pick my friends, after all I believe in quality not quantity. This doesn’t mean I’m snobby or a scaredy cat but this means I pick my friends carefully. A fast hand, correction or harsh word puts me back on the wall and I continue to watch. I haven’t seen a whole lot, I haven’t experienced a whole lot. When I did experience something it was too soon and way too fast. I have been pushed into situations that make me uncomfortable with good intentions, a false socialization in a way. This has made me awkward and I can shut down very quickly. The wall flower in me is very sensitive, I am sensitive to noise, feelings, environment, stress and JOY. When I trust someone I am all joy, the wall flower in me can open up and trust. My foster home has done that for me, this is what foster homes are supposed to do! When I first came into the Underdogs program I was very overwhelmed, patience and time have helped a lot! People always think exercise but imagine the worst day of your life and someone you don’t know drags you around and makes you run until your exhausted….this doesn’t make a happy dog. It makes an exhausted dog who will make bad decisions out of exhaustion. I spent some time relaxing, licking my kong, learning to play and honestly learning to trust! Building my confidence so that now I LOVE going for runs, I love doing zoomies in the yard, and I trust! I am trusting enough to play, to sleep without bad dreams, to trust in situations that seem overwhelming to me. The realization that I LOVE MUD has come to a shock to me. Mud and water have become my favorite thing, being white and freckled doesn’t matter to me and as long as my foster mom is laughing and carrying a towel everything is great!!!
Oh and did I tell you that you will never pee alone again. I’m a bit of a stalker once I love you, I’ll always be around if you need me. If there is a storm then I’ll be even closer, unless you wrap me in my thunder shirt, it helps me deal with the loud crashes and bangs. Oh and allow me to sit on your lap…that helps too!
I am great with cats, and great with the dogs I’ve met. I do need some more work with not getting overwhelmed meeting new dogs, large groups of dogs or dogs that are inappropriate wont work for me. My new family will definitely need to know dogs, or be willing to work with one of Underdogs positive reinforcement trainers. I am a gentle soul with good intentions, and need someone who is willing to build the trust with me. Oh and mud puddles, please be willing to dance in the rain and get dirty in puddles!


Adopt Willow



  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 5 Years
  • Breed: American Bully
  • Energy Level: Medium
  • Location: Edmonton area
  • Details: “Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.” Margaret Thatcher
    Aloof, a bit serious and cheeky. I am a mix of those three! I used to gallivant outside a lot so I can come off a snobbish, I don’t mean too! I have just been alone a lot!
    I love children especially the little ones that always have something yummy on their fingers! My current flat mates include a 10 month old two legged and I’m training him to share, its important right? So when he’s stuffing his gob I wait patiently for him to drop some food for me, he’s a good chap and generally obliges my wishes! This of course makes me happy as a pig in muck, and I strut around feeling brilliant!
    Tickety boo, lets move on! I am excited to meet new people but I don’t need any molly coddling! Give me a pet and move on, don’t get your knickers in a twist, I just prefer to cuddle when I decide. I love car rides but if you have a big ole Alberta truck I need a boost,
    these bones ain’t what they used to be! I know all about manners, and being a proper mate but I’m looking for something specific. I don’t mind other dogs but they can’t be all up in my business. Again space is important to me. I don’t mind the odd play but I’m more of a “fancy a brew” type of date where we each get our own stool. I don’t care what size of dog as long as they don’t try to mum me about.
    Cats, now those dapper buggers are something we need to discuss. I can handle them as long as they leave me alone, to me they are scatty wankers that have no sense! I prefer the cat that stays away from me, we can live peacefully on other ends of the flat.
    I walk great on a leash, I don’t pull and I’m super easy to walk with a stroller (chuffed about that one I am). I can be a bit of a skive, so don’t expect me to be running any marathons. A brisk walk will do!
    Now don’t be a daft cow and hesitate, put in an application so my girls can give you a bell and chat about me! Gotta go see a man about a dog…..cheers.


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