We have been having an issue with our adoption applications not being received, if you have sent one in recently and have not heard back please be patient as we are trying to resolve the issue and get in contact with everyone who has entered an application.

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UNDERDOGS RESCUE is a young, non-profit organization of unpaid volunteers,
dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing large “power” breed dogs from
shelters across Canada.

UNDERDOGS RESCUE is in urgent need of immediate funding.

UNDERDOGS RESCUE is in urgent need of experienced foster homes.

UNDERDOGS RESCUE is, therefore, reaching out to you — our supporters and our community — and asking for your help.

BECAUSE we receive no outside funding, our ongoing survival and continuing success depend on your generosity. All donations are used solely for the dogs in our care, including their veterinary bills, training and overall upkeep. The more money we raise, the more innocent animals can be saved, and the fewer of them will have to die, alone and afraid, in a shelter. BECAUSE we have no formal facilities, we must rely on a network of volunteer foster homes, all of which are now full. And so, we are asking you to open your hearts and your homes to dogs in dire need of OUR help. More foster homes means more temporary places of refuge for more dogs. We will provide each dog with a crate, collar, leash and food, and cover all veterinary costs. IN the midst of this unforgiving season, our needs and theirs grow greater, as does the urgency of this appeal. Never have we been called upon to save so many with so few resources at our disposal.

WILL you help UNDERDOGS RESCUE in this, OUR time of need?

WILL you help US so that we can continue to help THEM, the true underdogs?

FOR further details on DONATIONS and FOSTERING, please click on the appropriate heading above. ON behalf of the needy we nurture, we thank you in advance for your generosity.

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