275249688_685043339281890_2061538992936905317_nWe need help!! Underdogs has a waiting list of dogs and NO foster homes! Did you know that fostering isn’t a FULL time commitment? Did you know that food, collar, leash, kennel and training is provided? Or that we send trainers to your home to work with you, did we mention these trainers are the best of the best?

Fostering is a big commitment but it’s so rewarding! AND it could help you find your forever companion!! Are you not sure if you can commit to a dog right now, worried about the financial obligation? FOSTERING IS THE ANSWER!! You are literally saving a dog’s life!! Want to learn more about humane training and how to handle different behaviors? DO IT BY FOSTERING!!

Are you scared you will fall in love and won’t be able to give it up? Yes this part is hard BUT it’s harder for us knowing we can’t save a dog because we don’t have a home able to come foster. Being sad because they found their amazing forever family is an easier burden to carry than not saving them at all!

All the dogs available have behavioral issues! This is one I hear a lot, YES some dogs don’t come from the best environment but Underdogs assesses all dogs before they come in the program. We have a general idea of the dogs needs and place them appropriately. A lot of the dogs coming are well balanced and socialized, just waiting for a family to step forward!! With training support and a plan in place for each individual dog we can help you succeed!! Can’t handle certain behaviors, that’s OK, tell us what you need and we can help find a great match!

I’ll never get a break! We believe in breaks lol! Burn out in rescue is common but we know what it takes! All our foster homes take breaks as they need, AND whenever a dog finds their forever family we don’t place another dog with our foster families until that dog is finalized! Going on vacation? We can find temp placement for that dog so you don’t have to worry when you are gone!

I have cats, kids, other dogs? I work full time? All of this is fine! As long as you understand the Underdogs rules when bringing a new dog into the home this is something we can work with! A lot of dogs do well with cats, just take your time and set the dog up for success! Most of us work full time, any dog going to a new family may have to be kenneled during the day while the family is away! This is normal, and acceptable!!

In the end it’s all about the right placement!!! SO please!! If you are on the fence, ask questions, let us know what you need!! We need the amazing foster families to save the dogs we do!!

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