Kylo – Foster to adopt only


  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 2 Years
  • Breed: Dogo/Bully cross
  • Energy Level: Medium
  • Location: Calgary
  • Details:
    The Force, dark and light. A battle that starts within. I’m Kylo, a white knight, the angel on Kylo Rens shoulder. Whispering good things as he battles with darkness.
    Seriously though, I think Underdogs just appreciates a good Star Wars story!
    Some nice people in Ontario were determined to save me, they emailed some of the Underdogs peeps and here I am!
    I am 1 year old and haven’t had the best life. I came to the humane society skinny, and starving for attention and affection. I have been abandoned a lot, and still love people. With the bad comes the good, good people will always be out there fighting the darkness.
    I am your typical puppy, sometimes I get super excited and knock things over so sturdy furniture (and legs) are important! Sometimes I get so excited that my paws reach for the sky, I’m learning that I don’t get what I want until my 4 paws are on the ground so this only happens when I’M REALLY EXCITED…which could be more then I care to admit. I am house trained and couch trained…is this a thing? I honestly think this is an important part of my training, the couch and I are tight. I do love my couch time, I can be found sleeping on it a lot during the day! I guess I should include my soft bed in this statement as well!!
    Although the kennel isn’t my favourite spot I don’t mind it! I tell myself stories and envision saving the world, light saber in paw. My foster Dad is also great about leaving me things to do in there so the time goes by fairly quickly.
    I am learning to walk on a harness, but lately I’ve just been relaxing, eating and cuddling so its a work in progress! I get a lot of attention when I’m out and about, and believe me I strut my stuff, I know I’m good looking and like the attention!
    I am looking for a home with no other pets, and older kids. I need a home where obedience and expectations don’t become overwhelming, I need choice and force free handling only.
    So if you want to join my adventure let my friends at Underdogs know. Oh and send photos of your lightsaber, and all couches. Cheers friends!


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