Kylo – Foster to adopt only


  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 11 Months
  • Breed: Dogo/Bully cross
  • Energy Level: Medium
  • Location: Edmonton
  • Details:
    The Force, dark and light. A battle that starts within. I’m Kylo, a white knight, the angel on Kylo Ren’s shoulder. Whispering good things as he battles with darkness.
    Seriously though, I think Underdogs just appreciates a good Star Wars story!
    Some nice people in Ontario were determined to save me, they emailed some of the Underdogs peeps and here I am!
    I am 15 months old and haven’t had the best life. I came to the humane society skinny, and starving for attention and affection. I have been abandoned a lot, and still love people. With the bad comes the good, good people will always be out there fighting the darkness.
    I am your typical puppy, sometimes I get super excited and knock things over (my 2 legged foster brother included) so sturdy furniture (and legs) are important! Sometimes I get so excited that my paws reach for the sky, I’m learning that I don’t get what I want until my 4 paws are on the ground so this only happens when I’M REALLY EXCITED…which could be more then I care to admit. I am house trained and couch trained…is this a thing? I honestly think this is an important part of my training, the couch and I are tight. I do love my couch time, I can be found sleeping on it a lot during the day! I guess I should include my soft bed in this statement as well!!
    Although the kennel isn’t my favourite spot I don’t mind it! I tell myself stories and envision saving the world, light saber in paw. My foster parents are also great about leaving me things to do in there so the time goes by fairly quickly.
    I am unsure about dogs right now as I am still going through training and my threshold is still fairly low. I am hoping I can make a few friends once I learn how to relax a little more. We will keep you posted on that aspect of my adventures for sure.
    I am learning to walk on a harness (I am getting very good if I do say so myself), I haven’t been tested by Underdogs with cats but I’m sure we could work something out if we take it slow!
    So if you want to join my adventure let my friends at Underdogs know. Oh and send photos of your light saber, and all couches. Cheers friends!


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  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 10 Year
  • Breed: Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross
  • Energy Level: Low- Medium
  • Location: Calgary
  • Details:
    Well hello there, nice to meet you, thank you for reading my bio. I’m am an older gal at 10 but I still have a lot of wonderful years left. I am older, wiser and say my piece so you know where I stand. I don’t mince “words” and love to chatter, I may be old but I’m supposed to be colourful, so colourful I am!
    I have been loved in this life, and the queen in me knows that sometimes people love you the only way they know how. Sometimes that means finding a new home for me which is what my old friend had to do. I wasn’t ready but we rarely are for change like that, I’m not big on self pity but you have to know where I come from to know who I am! No matter how bad things get, remember these sage words: You’re old, you sag, get over it!
    My new foster home includes 2 rowdy young 4 legged boys, I’m the matriarch, the queen bee, mother hen, whatever you want to call it. I’m a teacher and although wonderfully social I need my down time. I still like to play a little but mostly I’m resting, sitting on the side lines grumbling and being crusty when they get too loud. I sometimes encourage them by growling out “Get it while you’re young baby” then I go lay down and watch their shenanigans.
    I know this home is a temporary one so I’ll get right to it! My ideal home would be a place where I could have my own couch, and routine. A place that understands I’m chatty, I grumble, growl, moan, whimper, huff, and straight up bark to get what I want. Gone are the days where I will tolerate foolish fake behaviour. I’ll give it to you real, if I want something I’ll huff and grumble until you acknowledge me. I am a gentle dog but sometimes I just have to let you know what I need. Sometimes my gruff and growls can be misinterpreted but I’m probably just telling you to “Blow it out your ditty bag” because you haven’t fed me, or given me a scratch in a while. Another dog or dogs is fine as long as they bow to my wit, charm and wisdom. Cats are fine too, although curling up to cuddle with them might not happen for a while. I like kids but would prefer older kids who just want to hang out, relax, drop some food my way, maybe the odd walk?
    All in all, I’m a pretty great girl. Yes, I have my quirks but life is about connection and growing old together. No matter what the age we are guaranteed nothing, we can only hope that we truly see the amazing world around us before it passes us by!


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