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Moderate to High Energy


Mastiff Mix





Details About Me

Meet Fiona, aka Fi. This sweet girl is around 8 months old and learning so many new things in her foster home. Fiona is a typical puppy in which she doesn't understand her size/strength. So greetings are something we are working on. She hasn't learned yet that at 90 pounds, being a lap dog is slightly intrusive lol. She is a very good student and loves to learn, but Fiona also beats to the sound of her own drum.  So going at her pace is really important.  Fiona is a medium level energy girl in that she is up for adventures and can be very curious and even confident, but she also needs a lot of guidance and to take things one step at a time for good experiences. She isn't defined by her past, but we have to respect what she's gone through and work with her so she is building trust and safety. She loves to snuggle and be so goofy. We call them her "exercises" when she goes on the rug and starts at one end and ends up on the other while upside down. She isn't quite brave enough to sleep on her own yet, so she needs to sleep with you. She is working hard on her crate, and yummy frozen Kong's definitely help. She has been good with other dogs so far and has even met a cat and did well. Confused, but well! Apply for Fiona today and find out more about this goofy, loveable, sweet rascal.