Adoption Process

Thank you for considering adopting from Underdogs Rescue! Adopting one of our dogs, or any dog, is a lifetime commitment that you and your family should be ready for. You should be prepared to spend a minimum 30-60 minutes a day exercising and training your dog, also being prepared financially for a new dog is extremely important. Underdogs pride themselves on sending out positive members of society and ambassadors for their breed. Our process ensures us that when one of our dogs is leaving their foster home they are going to be in their forever home to live their life out in love, comfort and structure.

The Process

Adoption Application
Phone Interview
Application Approval
Home Inspection
Meet and greet
*other dog’s they must attend*
Two week trial period
Finalize Adoption

*Please note that Underdogs Rescue holds the right to deny any person for any reason without explanation.
*Adoption fees are $375.00 which includes all vaccines, spay or neuter, microchip and a vet check up.

Dogs Waiting for Adoption

Yay! Everyone is adopted!