Our Mission

Thank you for visiting our website and wanting to learn more about Underdogs. Underdogs Rescue is one hundred percent volunteer based and run by a group that is dedicated in helping to save "power" breeds from negative misconceptions and irresponsible owners. Underdogs is in Alberta, the board members have been involved with rescue for many years and bring a lot of different experiences to the rescue.  We hope to continue to grow at a healthy and steady pace, finding new volunteers, supporters, foster and adoptive homes and continue saving dogs along the way.

Underdogs rescue is a registered charity able to give tax receipts with any donation over $25.00 please find our charity number 824343735RR0001

Mission Statement

Underdogs Rescue is a not for profit organisation that is dedicated to rescuing large "power" breed dogs in shelters across Canada. This includes (but not limited to) Humane Societies, SPCA(s), Animal Control(s) and other Rescues. We are committed to the re-homing of these dogs, through rescue, rehabilitation, training and care to responsible and loving dog owners.

Vision Statement

Through education and dedication we want to see people embrace these largely misunderstood dogs without fear or misconception. We want to be part of a society and community that encourages responsible pet ownership and a legislation without breed profiling. Underdogs Rescue envisions a future where all dogs are respected cared for and loved in the proper home environment.